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American Innovators for Patent Reform (AIPR) is a coalition of inventors, patent owners, researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, small and start-up businesses, patent practitioners, patent brokers, technology transfer executives, technology licensing companies and others involved in creating or protecting innovation who advocate for stronger U.S. Patents and more vigorous patent enforcement. American Innovators for Patent Reform does NOT represent “patent trolls” and will not grant them membership. AIPR is opposed to the Innovation Act, the latest piece of mis-labeled “patent reform” legislation.

What Is a Patent Troll?

Latest Patent Legislation

The U.S. Patent system is under attack from “patent reformers” who really want to dismantle and weaken the U.S. patent system. The latest anti-patent bill disguised as patent reform to come before Congress is the Innovation Act (H.R. 9) that, in fact, has nothing to do with “innovation.” The Innovation Act will make it more expensive and riskier for patent holders to assert their intellectual property rights. The Innovation Act, if enacted into law, will weaken the U.S. patent system, stifle American innovation, and weaken job growth. For information on these bills, please visit our Patent Legislation page.

America Invents Act Was NOT Patent Reform

The concept of patents and copyrights was established by the Founding Fathers when they adopted the original U.S. Constitution in 1787. From that constitutional mandate, the Patent Office was established, and it later became the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Protecting the intellectual property of inventors and writers is critical to creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and capitalism.

Unfortunately, in September 2011, a bill was signed into law that has seriously weakened the U.S. patent system. That bill was the America Invents Act, and it was cleverly presented and promoted as patent reform.

Not only does the America Invents Act weaken the value of patents, but it also:

  • Makes it harder for individual inventors and small businesses to receive patents for their inventions
  • Makes it more expensive and time-consuming to defend a patent
  • Makes it more expensive to enforce a patent
  • Reduces compensation for patent infringement

All of this will stifle creativity, reduce innovation, diminish entrepreneurship, and decrease the incentives for investment in new technologies and new businesses based on new technologies. Many intellectual property experts agree that the changes wrought by the America Invents Act were not the kind of patent reform that the U.S. patent system needed.

The Innovation Act was written to amend the America Invents Acts, and further devalue and weaken U.S. Patents. Both the America Invents Act and the Innovation Act are the creations of lobbyists for "Big Tech” that want to make it easier for large corporations to infringe patents and run roughshod over the intellectual property rights of independent inventors, small and start-up businesses, and universities.

Download “What Innovators Need to Know – and Need to Do – under the America Invents Act,” a white paper developed by AIPR and sponsored by General Patent Corporation.

To learn what you can do to promote REAL patent reform, contact our Executive Director, Alec Schibanoff.