Patent Reform Association for Inventors, Innovators, Patent Professionals, and Business and Tech Transfer Executives

American Innovators for Patent Reform (AIPR) represents inventors, patent owners, researchers and engineers, business owners and executives, technology transfer managers, patent practitioners, licensing executives and other IP professionals who have an interest in keeping America the leader in innovation through stronger patents and more vigorous patent enforcement.

A not-for-profit trade association, AIPR was founded by Alexander Poltorak, its current president, to promote stronger patents and more vigorous enforcement of U.S. patents. AIPR’s membership is open to all members of the IP community who are involved in the creation, management, promotion, transfer, licensing and/or protection of patents and other intellectual property. AIPR advocates strong and enforceable IP rights and provides a variety of services to members.

AIPR's focus is:

  • Ensuring that America continues to be the world’s primary source of inventions, new technologies and innovation
  • Honoring the Founding Fathers’ directive that the U.S. government “…promote science and the arts..” by protecting the intellectual property of inventors
  • Supporting our members’ interests relating to IP law and legislative issues
  • Promoting patent reform proposals that will strengthen the U.S. patent system
  • Analyzing all new patent reform proposals
  • Providing information and educational services to the IP community
  • Disseminating information to the general public on issues related to intellectual property rights and patent reform

AIPR's Sponsors and Board of Directors include some of the most distinguished members of the IP community.

To learn what you can do to promote REAL patent reform, contact our Executive Director, Alec Schibanoff.