Stronger U.S. Patents and More Vigorous Patent Protection for Inventors, Businesses, Universities and other Innovators

American Innovators for Patent Reform has several parallel missions:

  • Quality Patents: We promote efforts to enhance the quality of issued U.S. Patents so fewer patents are invalidated.
  • Reduced Patent Pendancy: It currently takes about three years to get a new patent issued. Patent pendency must be reduced to less than a year, and six months, if possible. Faster patent issuance will reward innovation, increase investment in new technologies, create jobs and make American more competitive.
  • Vigorous Patent Enforcement: AIPR advocates for strong protection of patents and other forms of intellectual property so infringers pay for the appropriation of intellectual assets.
  • Patent Reform that Is Really Reform: We oppose “reform” proposals that are not really reform but, in fact, weaken our patent system by making patents less valuable and harder to enforce.
  • Damages: We are opposed to apportionment of damages.
  • Litigation Venues: We oppose limitations on where plaintiffs can file their patent infringement lawsuits.
  • USPTO Funding: AIPR is opposed to the diversion of funds from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. As a fully self-funded agency, the Patent Office should be able to keep and use all the fees it collects to fund its operations, and legislation is needed to ensure that this happens!
  • Multi-Level Patent System: AIPR advocates for a multi-tier 21st Century patent system that replaces a one-size-fits all 19th Century single-patent system. We need two or three classes of patents that will address the overlapping range of technologies and degrees of innovation that need to be patented today.
  • Willful Infringement: AIPR does NOT support raising the bar for proving willful infringement. In fact, we propose the criminalization of willful patent infringement!
  • Differentiate Patent Trolls from Technology Licensing Companies: We seek to define for the American public and business community the difference between a patent troll that abuses the patent system and a technology licensing company that provides liquidity for patents as an asset class.

We continue to add items to our overall organization mission as they are brought to us by our members. Please visit our What You Can Do page for ways to take action.

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