American Innovators for Patent Reform is pleased and honored to have these businesses – supporters of stronger patents and protecting American innovation – provide support to this trade association.

patent litigation
General Patent Corporation
As the premier patent enforcement and licensing firm, General Patent Corporation (GPC) provides assistance to inventors, businesses and other patent holders that face patent infringement, representing such patentees on a contingency basis. GPC also provides a comprehensive package of IP management consulting services include patent valuation and patent brokerage.

patent infringement
IP Holdings, LLC
Using a totally unique business model, IP Holdings is an IP-centric merchant banking organization provides funding for patent litigation financing, assisting patentees that are victims of patent infringement. IP Holdings also offers a comprehensive package of IP advisory services, owns a patent broker affiliate business, and operates an IP incubator.

IPOfferings LLC
As the leading patent broker in the U.S., IPOfferings helps inventors, businesses and other patentees in the monetization of their patents, trademarks and other forms of intellectual property. But IPOfferings is more than just a patent brokerage firm. We also offer a three patent valuation services, and provides a comprehensive package of intellectual property consulting and advisory services such as as patent infringement analysis and claim chart development.